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作者: 本站 来源: 本站 时间:2021年05月10日
  彭文,朱宝光,董树斌,李冰,李晓民. 卫星跟踪的东方白鹳秋季迁徙路线研究[J]. 世界生态学,2020,9(1): 108-116. DOI: 10.12677/ije.2020.91014.(HQBP3622,22g)

  From September 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015, at the Oriental white stork (Ciconia boyciana) artificial attract breeding grounds, eight Oriental white storks weared only a satellite tracker, and among them, six finished the precess of the fall migration in 2015, according to the results of satellite tracking, three only Oriental white storks wintering areas located in Poyang Lake of Jiangxi Province, China, two ones in the Yellow River Delta Nature Reserve, one in thelittoral of Jiangxi gan River. The breeding sites were located along the coast of Heilongjiang and Wusuli river, with important stopover sites including Liaohekou Protected Resreve, Caofeidian Wetland, Beidagang Wetland, Yellow River Delta protected Reaserve and Nenjiang bank. Poyang Lake Reserve is the main wintering areas for Oriental white storks. The migration routes of the six Oriental white storks in autumn are basically the same, but the routes don’t overlap. The migration distance was (2968.3 ± 507.5) km in autumn 2015. The migration time was (48.1 ± 13.3) d. The rest time was (38.1 ± 12.3) d. The number of stopovers was (6 ± 1.8). The number of important stopovers is (18.5 ± 5.7). The maximum flying altitude was (1743.8 ± 303.1) m. Oriental white storks use different migration strategies to fly across the Bohai Bay. Crossing the Bohai Bay can great


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